Why Work with Me?

Great question!

You’re already a successful small business owner, and you’ve got your own blood, sweat, and tears to show for it.

You got here because you focused your energy on YOUR expertise (what your customers are paying you for) and did what you had to for everything else to get done…it’s that simple. 


You’ve slowly drifted away from what got you here, maybe even what you enjoy most, to find yourself bogged down with the details of the business

And that takes A LOT of YOUR time…

Time away from what you enjoy in your business and time away from what you enjoy in your life. Chances are you've delayed a few vacations, missed out on a few memories, and lost some of the non-business passions in your life. 

The good news is that I can help.

My experience as a number-crunching CPA meets direct-response marketing consultant and copywriter allows me to:

  • Decipher your numbers and find instant hidden profits in your business
  • Optimize your business so you can have ultimate success AND more free time
  • Create powerful "sales messaging" that will automatically attract more of your best, most profitable clients

But it all starts with a Click HERE below to schedule a FREE 30-minute "Strategic Business Analysis"

I'll be honest with you...I'm no magician, and we can't solve ALL the puzzles of your business in 30 minutes...

But we can discuss your situation and needs in a casual but professional environment. At the end you'll either walk away with some new ideas and action steps to move forward or you'll know whether working together to grow your business and freedom makes sense.

Click HERE to increase your sales (and your freedom)

If we do end up working together...

You’ll get on-time delivery for any project we agree to (you would think this would be an industry standard… but surprisingly, IT’S NOT)

Your satisfaction is guaranteed, PERIOD.  I'm looking only for long-term, mutually beneficial business relationships. I'm happy to do a single project for you, but what I really want is to be working with you and helping you grow your business 20 years from now. 

 So, schedule your FREE 30-Minute "Strategic Business Analysis" now at https://calendly.com/murysutherlin


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